StumbleUpon has always been about helping you discover and share great web sites, but with the latest update to their toolbar, it’s even easier. While the Stumble button is easy enough, now you can find great content from sites like Google and Yahoo.  Yesterday night they officially launched SearchReviews out of beta for Internet Explorer and Firefox which allows users to see sites that have been “stumbled” right from Google, Yahoo,, Google News, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, and more. StumbleUpon information including the star rating is included, and if your friends have stumbled it, you’ll be able to see that as well. Below is a screenshot of a search result from both Google and Wikipedia with the StumbleUpon information included:

stumbleupon configureation 2

stumbleupon configureation 3

SearchReviews make StumbleUpon that much more valuable and convenient to use.  How many times in a day (or week) do you visit sites like Google or Yahoo to perform a search? If you’re anything like me, it’s too many times to count on two hands. With the addition of StumbleUpon information to search engines, I can just glance over the page of results and see which ones have been Stumbled. As Webware points out, this is nice because you’re able to quickly see which sites actual people have labeled as useful.

How to get SearchReviews:

  1. Download the most recent StumbleUpon toolbar (here), or if you already have the toolbar, install the update.
  2. Turn on SearchReviews by going up to Tools (on the Toolbar)>Toolbar Options
  3. Click the Configuration tab
  4. Check the boxes under Web Search as shown below in the screenshot
  5. If you want to see the topics – check “show topics of search results
  6. Visit one of the supported sites and begin using SearchReviews!

stumbleupon configureation

SearchReviews is definitely a great addition to the add-on and will help users when they perform searches.  We all know that the first results on a search page aren’t always the best, and now it’ll be easier to sift through the pages and pages of results by being able to look for highly ranked sites that have been Stumbled.