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It has been over a year and a half since the consumer release of Windows Vista, and the Sunbelt Personal Firewall is finally compatible with it. The new version has better network performance, enhanced packet filtering, improved stability, Vista (32-bit) compatibility, and more. Plus, like always, it comes in both free and paid flavors.

Do you need a third-party firewall when Windows comes with one? According to Sunbelt the “built-in firewall in Windows is worse than useless, since it is only one-way.” They aren’t completely telling the truth there. Windows XP’s firewall is indeed a one-way firewall that is only capable of blocking incoming connections, but that’s not the case with Vista. I’m sure that Sunbelt is a much better choice for protection, but I think they need to be more clear in the claims they are making.

Aside from the new Vista compatibility there isn’t much that I’m able to accurately test in the new Sunbelt Personal Firewall. Memory usage between the three processes (SbPFSvc.exe, SbPFCl.exe, and SbPFLnch.exe) totaled about 35MB for me, which is a bit more than I had anticipated. When compared to Comodo that is about ten times more memory being used.

If you do decide to give this a whirl it’s important to know that the free version and the paid version are both bundled in the same download. Once you download the “trial” you’ll have a full 30 days to play around with all of the features. After that it will fall back to the free version that doesn’t include things like ad blocking, identity theft protection, and remote administration.

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Thanks Scott!