Super Video Converter

Every now and then I have to convert a video from one file format to another and it is a pain to find the software to do it…especially free software! That is where Super comes into play. It can handle a huge variety of video formats and can convert them to nearly anything you would want! Here are a few of the converters that it comes with:

  • Mobile phone converter
  • PocketPC converter
  • iPod converter
  • PSP converter
  • VCD converter
  • SVCD converter
  • DVD converter
  • AVI converter
  • MP4 converter
  • MOV converter
  • ASF converter
  • FLV converter
  • MPG converter
  • OGG converter
  • WMV converter
  • GIF converter

The list is actually even longer but those are probably some of the most common ones that people will use. On top of being able to convert videos it can also play/save Internet Media Streams (such as mms://, rtsp://, and http://) without any problems!

So even if you don’t plan on using this program right now I still suggest that you bookmark it, because when you do need it you won’t be able to find it! :)

Download Super (links located at the bottom of the page)

There seems to be some problems downloading directly from the site so you might want to try downloading from MajorGeeks. Just select one of the mirrors that they provide.