Super Mario Brothers 3 Firefox Theme

Now I’ve seen some interesting Firefox themes in my day, but this one surely takes the cake. Mario comes back to life in this theme and the intricate details are sure to leave a warm feeling in the heart of anyone who pounded away at the Nintendo controllers trying to beat King Koopa and his kids.

Ah, those were the days…what am I talking about? I still play these classic games online all the time. They have become so adored that they can be found in seconds by doing a Google search, and let’s not forget to mention the emulators that you can download to play all of your favorite pastime games.

This Firefox theme will simply amaze you with the things they thought to add in. One of my favorite things would have to be the scroll bars which are pipes that look like the tunnels Mario would travel through. Buttons are, of course, the unmovable blocks that we could jump on to help Mario reach his destination and all of the navigation buttons are cleverly skinned.

I give mad props to the person who thought up and actually designed this theme. There is no doubt in my mind that I could leave some of my friends in awe by showing them this…and maybe even get some new Firefox converts!

Download the Super Mario Brothers 3 Firefox Theme