SuprGlu is an online service that allows you to aggregate your feeds from services like, Digg, Flickr, etc. Really, it supports any RSS feed. It takes all of your feeds and creates a subdomain with all of your info in one place. They’ve been around for about a year now , and seem to give updates on changes they’ve made on their blog.

Setting up a page is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. You can choose from a variety of templates to get your page to look just the way you’d like it too. These templates are customizable, and you can even create your own using their CSS package. According to the “about” section, they plan on providing RSS feeds for user pages sometime in the future.

Their goal is to “bring the pieces of your web content together into one central place for you, your friends, and maybe even your friends to be,” which they seem to do well.  If you’d like to create your own SuprGlu sub-domain, click here. And of course, it’s free!