It’s hard to believe that after being shutdown for 3-years SuprNova is back up again. Thanks to the Pirate Bay I’ve since been reunited with this long lost friend, who has even been spruced up a bit since I had used it last!

SuprNova is making it easy for first-time BitTorrent users by implementing a Java Applet that lets you directly download the files without installing a program. It’s using the BitLet tool that we reviewed a few weeks ago, which isn’t the most extravagant thing but it can come in handy.

Astoundingly SuprNova already crawls more than 26,000 trackers, has more than 1,000,000 torrents in its database, and 10,000,000+ seeders. On the old SuprNova site finding what you were looking for would probably be difficult since it didn’t have a search feature, but the new site does! And if you’re looking for TV shows you’ve got to checkout their dedicated section just for that.

Head on over to Suprbay if you’re wanting to chat with other SuprNova fans. The relatively new forum is filled with 17,000+ posts and has nearly 7,000 members.

If you can’t tell I’m pretty excited about this. Thanks Pirate Bay!

SuprNova Homepage
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