Suse Linux 10.2 Alpha 1 Already Out

Novell already has Suse 10.2 Alpha 1 available for the public to download. This is absolutely amazing because Suse 10.1 was just released less than 1 month ago!

They currently don’t have a list up of new features but they do have a list of some bugs to watch out for. This will just be the start of several Alpha and Beta releases of Suse 10.2 that will be worked on for probably one year. Alpha 1 was released 2 days ahead of schedule and Alpha 2 is planned for July 13. There should be 5 Alpha builds in total before they make the move to Beta builds this fall. I wonder what features Suse 10.2 will have that will compete with the Vista release scheduled for January 2007?

Download Suse 10.2 Alpha 1