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Here you thought that Windows 7 wasn’t going to bring that “killer” feature we’ve all been waiting for. Well, you were wrong… big time! The third milestone of Windows 7 has been shown off to what appears to be a small group of people, and in it users are noticing that apps like Paint and Wordpad are adopting the Office 2007 Ribbon style interface. UX Evangelist managed to snag a screen capture of the new Paint interface, and all joking aside it does look a little snazzy.

Now that Microsoft is moving some more of their own apps over to the Ribbon interface I think that other third-party programs may look a little deeper to see if it would be feasible for what they have to offer. Unfortunately this type of interface doesn’t work great for every program, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what certain apps (such as Photoshop) would be like with a Ribbon. Some programs have already gone this route, and the commercial screen capture utility SnagIt is the first one that comes to my mind.

Unfortunately no screenshot of the revamped Wordpad was provided, but I think the ribbon interface would fit very well with that as well. If these two redesigned apps don’t make you want to buy Windows 7 I don’t know what will!