Mac I have been a PC user all of my life, and primarily a Windows user. In a week, I spend more time on my PC than I have spent hands-on with a Mac for my entire life. Yes, the difference is really that drastic, but lately I have had a craving to tinker with a Mac.

No, this is not my story about how I am switching to a Mac because I still don’t own one. Lifehacker, however, has a nice guide that walks you through what a PC user might have a hard time with when plunging into the other realm. I read through it and I was surprised at how much I already know about Mac computers.

One thing that would frustrate me to no end if I used a Mac on a daily basis would be the Backspace and Delete keys. They operate backwards from what PC users are accustomed to (Backspace erases a character to the right where the Delete key erases a character to the left). Any experienced Mac user would not find any difficulty in remembering this but people switching from a PC probably won’t be fond of the change in terminology.

I know only a small percentage of the readers on this site are Mac users, but I would love to hear everyone’s opinions about what they like and dislike about a Mac.