One of the most notable features available in Opera 9.5 Alpha is the new bookmark synchronization feature. With it all of your bookmarks, among other things, are stored on a remote server so that no matter where you go your bookmarks are accessible. It’s a truly great feature which takes almost no thought to use.

IE7 Pro Sync Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) users will be benefiting from a similar option in the upcoming release of IE7Pro 1.1. With this new version you can have your bookmarks automatically synced, but the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. This can be done by right-clicking on the IE7Pro icon in the Status Bar, and then going to Online Service -> Login. You can then manually upload/download your bookmarks with the service, or in the Preferences you can set it to automatically sync the bookmarks. Any bookmarks that have been uploaded can also be viewed online at

This version of IE7Pro can even save your tab session so that you can selectively restore some of the tabs when Internet Explorer is restarted. This is a great addition to IE, but I’m starting to fear that IE7Pro is becoming excessively cluttered with options. The Preferences screen has become overwhelming to say the least, and even I find it to be intimidating:


I love that all of these new features keep rolling in, but I think they need to offer some of these things as optional plugins so that the interface is more simplified. They should even consider breaking up the Status Bar icon into multiple icons, such as one for the bookmark syncing and one for tab operations. That way the right-click menu wouldn’t be bursting at the seams either.

Download IE7Pro 1.1 Beta 2 (Download Mirror by MajorGeeks)