Google has just taken a big step in making the lives of both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar users easier. For someone who used both, maybe one for work and the other for home, keeping the calendars up to date and in sync with each other was no easy process until now. Google has just released a new syncing utility so that people are able to sync events between their Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

At this point it only works with your primary Google Calendar and not your secondary ones. What’s nice though is that you have control over how often the events are synchronized (every 10 minutes is the minimum time interval) as well as the direction of the synchronization. Your options include a 2-way sync where both calendars are synchronized with each other, as well as one-way options to sync only your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar with the other.

google calendar sync
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To get started, you’ll need to download Google Calendar Sync, and the link and directions for installation are found here. Once installed, it will load when you turn on your computer and then sit in your system tray for easy access. The icon in your system tray will also serve as a way to know when your events are currently syncing. One icon appears during the sync process and another appears when events aren’t actively syncing.

In the future it would be nice to see the option to sync secondary calendars because many people do have multiple calendars. It’s a great start though, and now there is room to improve and make the utility even better. I think Google made a lot of people extremely happy today…

Thanks for the tip Change!