Sync folders

We’ve covered an abundance of file/folder syncing apps over the years, and they all have their own strengths. Synkron is an open source synchronization utility that can really boast the fact that it is cross-platform. The screenshots may lead you to believe it is a basic backup utility, but deep down it is rather full-featured.

With Synkron you can choose to sync one or multiple folders, choose files/folders/extensions you want to prevent from getting backed up, and even schedule it so that it’s all done automatically. Being able to sync multiple folders is a pleasant touch, and gives Synkron the ability to kinda serve as a local version of Dropbox that can keep files in sync across multiple machines on your network. You may not be able to have it sync in real-time like Dropbox, but you can have it run every minute if you want.

What I really like is that since it is cross-platform it is able to share the same interface and features on Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you’re in need of setting up a backup job on an operating system you’re not entirely familiar with Synkron might be worth using since the interface is simple and you can get familiar with it on an OS you already know well.

Synkron Homepage (Windows, Mac, Linux; Freeware)