TMobile Free WiFi HotSpot I know, I was just as surprised to see a cell phone company providing something to users for free. I read it twice, no three times, then jogged around the block and took a cold shower. After that I came back to read it again and I don’t actually think my eyes are lying:

No term commitment. Promotion includes 30 free days of use beginning at activation. At promotion expiration your account will automatically convert to a no commitment Pay as you go rate plan. If you choose to continue service you will be billed $6.00 per login for the first 60 minutes, whether or not the minutes are fully used; $0.10 per minute thereafter. Get connected at any T-Mobile HotSpot location nationwide. Roaming capabilities not available.

Yep, you can get 30 days of free WiFi service at a lot of those popular places that T-Mobile has HotSpots at such as Borders Book Stores, FedEx Kinkos, and even Starbucks. Hey, if a free month doesn’t sound like much then you may be surprised to hear that a month worth of unlimited HotSpot usage is valued at $39.99! Just choose the “Pay as you go” plan if you don’t want to worry about canceling after the month is done.

Don’t rush to do this though. The offer is valid until December 31, 2007…which is over a year away.

Who would have thought that Kodak’s WiFi camera would have given everyone free WiFi for a month?

News Source: Consumerist