stick tabs.png

I’m always on the lookout for unique apps, and Stick is one of those that is unlike most others. Some may say it’s an application launcher or even a note taker, but it really just comes down to what you decide to use it for.

Stick lets you create tabs along the edge of your screen… as many as you want. They can be placed along any edge, and they snap to the edge of your Taskbar when the two are placed on the same side. What makes these tabs interesting, however, is the functional variety they can serve up:

  • Calculator – A basic calculator
  • Calendar – A simply formatted monthly or weekly calendar
  • Explorer (both files and Internet) – Display the contents of a specific folder or a website
  • News Feed – You can combine any number of RSS feeds into a single tab
  • Notes – Each note tab is saved to an individual text file on your machine
  • TaskBar – View all running applications, and switch between them

My favorites are definitely the “explorer” and “notes” tabs. The explorer tab is nice because you can specify a starting directory, but when expanded it actually behaves like the native Windows Explorer app. It has your standard back/forward buttons, supports IE favorites, and even has drag-and-drop functionality. Yes, you can actually drag a file from your desktop into any folder you can see within the tab. Or you can go even further and drill into directories to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you right-click on an item you’ll also notice that you’ve got the full Explorer context menu at your disposal, which means you can easily extract those pesky files you download.

stick notes.png

The notes tabs are really nice because each one gets tied to a text file on your machine. This will especially compliment you nicely if you’re already using a text file for your todo list. It also has some WordPad-style formatting options (bold, italic, alignment, color, etc…). It’s not extravagant, but it’s a great way to keep those frequently used text files just a mouse click away.

In terms of memory usage I’d say it runs pretty light. I added one of every different kind of tab, and it was sitting a hair under 20MB. I can definitely spare that for the quick access this provides to my most used folders and text files.

Stick Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)