Tab Mix Plus The most popular feature in Firefox is probably the tabs. Everyone loves being able to reorder them as they please and tweak them until their heart is content. By default Firefox doesn’t offer many options for configuring the tabs, but that’s why Tab Mix Plus exists. It is an extension that lets you customize the tabs to your every whim.

Up until now there were only test versions of Tab Mix Plus that worked with Firefox 2, but it has finally been released. Here is a list of the changes in this version:

  • Firefox 2.0 and above compatibility
  • Compatibility Detector
    • Checks if extensions are compatibly with TMP
  • Added automatic tab reloading
  • Better custom colors 
    • Current and Unread tabs
    • Progress meter on tabs
  • Improved tabs list button
    • Tabs can be sorted alphabetically
  • Warn when closing window with protected tabs
  • More tab close button options
  • More tab opening options
    • Duplicate tab
    • Load custom URL
  • More tab actions
    • Move tab to a new window
    • Copy tab URL
  • Further compatibility with IETab and IEView Lite
  • Further improvements on our Session Manager
  • Other bug fixes

This version does not use the built-in session restore feature that Firefox 2 now has or the scroll buttons, but it will be available in future versions. The developer said that this will be the last version that is compatible with versions prior to Firefox 2. I can’t wait to see the next version now! :D