Google is no doubt my favorite search engine because the results that it provides are always relevant to what I am looking for. For that reason all kinds of different sites use searches powered by Google and TWERQ is another one on that tally. It does, however, have a few unique features.

TWERQ’s most popular feature would probably be its tabbed interface that lets users perform multiple searches without sifting through a ton of browser tabs or windows. I found it to be very intuitive and nice to use because it would open a new “tab” for each search result. It does have some customization to it because you can close tabs as you feel necessary or drag them around to reorder them.

Something else that really struck me as interesting was the Q-Bank feature that you could activate on the configuration screen. They will supposedly pay you for searching and I assume that you earn money when you click on sponsored links but they don’t provide any details on the service. It asks for two passwords but I don’t know why, and there aren’t any instructions. I originally thought it wanted your PayPal password but I don’t think that is what they want. Still seems a little suspicious though.

The whole money thing is pretty interesting but the main concept I was looking to cover was the tabbed searches. I think it would be cool if Google let users do something similar so that you could perform multiple searches all in one single page. I’m sure it isn’t something that they would put into Google itself but SearchMash (Google’s test site) should have something like this since it is already full of JavaScript goodness.