Tactile 3D Desktop

Tactile 3D offers users a completely different interface from what is known as standard. You now have 3D space to organize your files and windows. Now, this isn’t its own operating system or anything, it will run right on top of Microsoft Windows. It gives you the ability to browse your files in more of a visual way, rather than digging around looking for file names. Tactile 3D will remember where you leave your items, so it will be like creating your own 3-Dimensional world. This is the whole point behind the application which is to give users more room to place their items, other than in the conventional 2D space on your desktop.

Looks like it would be more fun than it would be useful, because I believe current file explorers do exactly what they are supposed. I wouldn’t want to navigate around a 3D world in order to find the files I am looking for. Guess I can’t say anything until I give it a shot! Take it for a spin for 30-days.

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