Tag Your Photos In Windows Vista's Media Center

Matt Goyer who is part of the Windows Media Center team has now said that they are working on adding tag capabilities to the Windows Vista Media Center. This would mean that users could easily find their photos without the need to organize them into a folder structure. If you really wanted to you could throw all of your photos into one folder and tag them. You would then be able to browse the tags and it would almost be like you sorted them into separate folders!

I am surprised that Microsoft is throwing in this feature so late in the game. It is definitely needed because they are the cool thing right now. Sites like Del.icio.us, Yahoo MyWeb, and Technorati thrive off of the use of tags. Many people don’t realize it but Google uses tags in almost all of their services as well, except they call them labels!

If you are wondering what other features Media Center will have you can check out Matt’s post. He covers several of the new features that we will see in Vista’s Media Center.