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August 21st, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: LookItUp2

I'm sure you often find yourself in a situation where you're reading an article, and then come across a word that you want to lookup. Maybe you jump over to Wikipedia or an online dictionary to get a definition, but the LookItUp2 Greasemonkey script can save you a lot of time.

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March 11th, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Google Reader Filters

Google OS came across an extremely powerful Greasemonkey script that many Google Reader users will appreciate. The script is called Google Reader Filter, and with it you're able to highlight or gray out feed items depending on whether they match the criteria that you specify.

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February 27th, 2008
CyberNotes: Best Greasemonkey Scripts for Popular Sites

As you may have noticed by now we've been trying to cover a variety of Greasemonkey scripts on the site with our Best Greasemonkey Scripts series, and today we're going to put it into overdrive.

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February 8th, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Google Reader Subscribers Count

I know that a lot of our readers are stat freaks, and if you're one of those people you're absolutely going to love the Greasemonkey script that we have for you today!  What the Google Reader Subscribers Count script does is show the number of feed subscribers that each website has.

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February 7th, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Google Reader Feeds in Gmail

I really wish that Google would integrate a bunch of their services into a single interface, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. Some of their services, such as Google Notebook and Google Reader, would feel pretty natural if they were part of the Gmail interface.

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January 31st, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Gmail Full Width

When reading emails in Gmail there are typically some ads and other things located alongside the email for quick access. There are plenty of scripts and tools available to remove those ads, but many don't make use of the unusually large empty space that despairingly sits there.

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January 30th, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Google Reader Preview

Lifehacker just released a new version of their Better GReader Firefox extension. It brings all of the best Greasemonkey scripts for Google Reader under one roof, and by installing the extension you can enable up to 8 of scripts that will all enhance either the look or usability of Google Reader.

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January 10th, 2008
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Gmail Account Switcher

This Greasemonkey script is really going to make some people very happy! Google Account Multi-Login is a simple idea, yet a huge time saver for anyone that has multiple Google/Gmail accounts. As you know switching between Google accounts is normally a painstaking process, requiring you to logout of one before you can login to another. That's naturally how you would expect it to work.

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December 30th, 2007
Best Greasemonkey Scripts – Google Sidebar

One thing that I've always enjoyed with Google's test site, SearchMash, was the powerful sidebar that it included. It gives users quick access to videos, images, Wikipedia, blogs, and more. Determined to find a way to get similar features on the Google search page I decided to turn to Greasemonkey.

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December 10th, 2007
Best Greasemonkey Scripts – Ultimate Google Search

Google lovers who are looking to give the Google Search page a fresh new appearance are sure to enjoy the Google Search Makeover Greasemonkey script! It gives the results page a completely revamped look that is easy on the eyes, and also a bit more productive.

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December 5th, 2007
Chat with AIM Buddies in Gmail Chat

Back in October we speculated that multiple IM support was going to be coming to Google Chat after taking a look through the source code and finding info regarding Jabber transports. Sure enough, IM support is now available in Gmail Chat but the only messenger service they're currently supporting is AOL's instant messenger.

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November 14th, 2007
Best Greasemonkey Scripts: Google Calendar Timeline

I absolutely love Google Calendar because of its extensive list of features, and the ability to share calendars among family and friends is a huge plus. One feature that I always thought would be nice would be a timeline showing what the current time is. Some desktop calendars have this exact feature, but I didn't think there was any way to get it in Google Calendar.

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November 1st, 2007
Best Greasemonkey Scripts – Element Resizer

We've got a section over in our forum completely dedicated to our blog, and from time to time people will drop off some tips for things they would like to see us write about. Max posted a few days ago saying that he would like to see us write more about Greasemonkey scripts, and I thought it was a great idea. So keep an eye out for more posts in the "Best Greasemonkey Scripts" series.

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