Tail for windows

One of the useful features on Linux is being able to use the Tail command to retrieve just the last few lines of a log or text file. When you’re dealing with a log file that is several gigabytes in size having that capability is extremely handy. While it’s not available natively in Windows there is an application called Tail for Win32 that will provide some similar functionality.

With Tail for Win32 you’ll have some really awesome features at your fingertips. The first is real-time file monitoring, which means any new lines that are added to the file will immediately show up in the window. Since the program has already loaded up the file it will only fetch the end of it to grab the new content… meaning it won’t have to reload the entire file. In fact any changes that occur to an already existing line in the file will likely go unnoticed by the app.

The second stellar feature is being able to search for and highlight keywords in real-time as new lines of text are rolling in. That means if you’re waiting for a certain event to occur in the log file you can have it stand out so that you’ll notice (assigning it one of five possible colors), and you can even have it send mail notifications when the keyword is found so that you don’t have to sit there staring at the screen. How cool is that?

Tail for Win32 Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)