Fireshot for Firefox
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We take a lot of screenshots in a day’s time, and a good majority of them are of websites being displayed within our browser. Instead of needing to use an external application to snap the screenshots why not get an extension for Firefox that includes an incredible editor!

Fireshot is a relatively large extension (in terms of filesize) for Firefox that has just about everything you need. With it you can capture an entire website, including the area that you need to scroll to see, or you can just have it capture what you’re currently viewing.

After a screenshot has been captured you’ll be able to annotate the screenshot, crop it, and even blur/gray out an area. In the screenshot that I took above I had applied the blur and grayed out effects to the area around the article’s body in an effort to make the article itself standout.

After you’re done with a screenshot you can save it to your computer (PNG, JPEG, or BMP formats), copy it to the clipboard, email it, or send it to an external image editor.

Fireshot Homepage
Fireshot Video Demonstration
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