Take Your Mac Undercover

A laptop owner’s worst fear is losing their laptop, right? You have your personal information and some people probably don’t even have passwords on their accounts *gasp*. What if you could keep track of your stolen laptop and even get pictures of the thief?

Orbicule is the proud manufacturer of Undercover which will keep track of your laptop and much more! Here are the features you will get with it:

  • Transmits internal and external IP addresses to their recovery center.
  • Sends screenshots of what the user is doing on the computer.
  • Uses the Mac’s iSight to transmit pictures of the thief every 6 minutes.
  • If they can’t recover the Mac using any of the above ways they will simulate a hardware failure by slowly making the screen go black (the computer does not have to be online for this to happen). The recovery center will know if the Mac is taken to an authorized Apple reseller for repair and it will notify the technician that the computer was stolen.

The software will run you $29.99 for a single-user license which is reasonable for the amount of security that it provides. If they are unable to recover your stolen laptop or you are unhappy with the software they will refund your money. I don’t have a Mac but I have to say that this is pretty impressive.