Zune iPod Comparison

Microsoft is really going after an iPod-dedicated market with the Zune but they are doing it in a good way. At first I didn’t think that Microsoft was going to be able to hold their own when it came to stacking up against Apple but the Zune specifics appear to be quite impressive.

It is going to have:

  • 30GB hard drive
  • Built-in FM tuner
  • 3.0-inch screen
  • 802.11 wireless

Zune Styles Everyone thought it was a sure thing that Apple’s next generation iPod was going to have built-in wireless capabilities but that proved to be just a rumor. Not only will the Zune have the wireless but it will also have an FM tuner! That is pretty sweet because every now and then I get sick of listening to the same songs on my iPod and it would be nice to shake things up a bit by listening to the radio.

As far as looks go I’m not too sure about the brown model that they are going to have available. However, I could see it being one of those “fashion statements” that will probably start off a little slow and it will all of a sudden be the color that everyone wants.

News Source: Gizmodo