One lucky guy in California managed to get his hands on an Xbox 360 Elite well before the launch date of April 29th. He’s got pictures and a receipt to show this, and he’s now selling it on eBay.


How could something like this happen you’re wondering? Well, it’s pretty simple.  He purchased this item at Target.  Certain items like this don’t come on the “Target” truck, and instead, they come via special delivery with the “street date” printed in bright colors on the box. The Target employee(s) probably didn’t pay any attention to the street date, and ended up putting them on the shelves (which they can get fined for if this is the case).

Or, this guy works there, or knows someone and managed to coerce them into selling him one. I’d like to think it was an honest mistake by a Target employee who didn’t pay attention to the street date though.

On the other hand, it’s surprising that Microsoft has already made the shipments of these items.  Usually they get delivered much closer to the launch date, sometimes even a day before-hand. 

The current bid is $800, and it will be ending tomorrow. The guy paid $514.79 with tax, so no matter what, he’ll be walking away with a decent profit!

Source: DailyTech