Back in May I talked about Taskbar Shuffle as the program that lets you rearrange the items that are in your Windows Taskbar. It is as simple as dragging and dropping them around until you have everything exactly where you want it. The newest version 2.0 has been running great for me and even works like a champ on Windows Vista.

All you have to do is click on a Taskbar item and start to drag it wherever you want it to be. Then you will see a gray bar (as pointed to in the picture) that indicates the position for which the Taskbar item will be relocated.

Here is a list of what’s new in Taskbar Shuffle 2:

  • added: sweet visualization when dragging a button in XP (updated look for Win2K)
  • added: full support for XP button grouping — this was so annoying and took quite a bit of effort.. hooray for me
  • fixed: too much CPU getting eaten while dragging
  • fixed: should now restart if explorer crashes
  • added: option to middle mouse click on a Taskbar button/group to close it
  • added: new options window with some cool grouping options, if you’re into that
  • fixed: auto-check for updates shouldn’t give errors anymore
  • fixed: few memory leaks plugged up
  • added: new icon!  never really liked the original one

One of my favorite things with this program is the ability to hide the system tray icon so that I can completely forget that it is running except for when I want to use it. You’ll probably even forget that it isn’t a built-in feature with Windows if you set it to start when your system boots, hide the splash screen, and hide the system tray icon. Then you almost start to take it for granted.

Download Taskbar Shuffle 2.0