There are a lot of things that are often overlooked when designing a new operating system whether it be Windows, the Mac operating system, or any of the various distributions of Linux. For example, have you noticed that the Internet Explorer image placeholder icon has remained the same for a LONG time or that the icon for an Internet Connection in Vista is designed for Windows XP? When using Mac OS X, have you noticed that there is no cut option in the Finder or that moving files in Finder displays a copy dialog? The examples we listed may seem frivolous, but they are the little things that get overlooked.

What is a user supposed to do when they notice some of these things? Thanks to Long Zheng of, users can go to either the Aqua Taskforce to “find, publish and rate user experience quirks in Mac OS X” or the Aero Taskforce to do the same for user experience quirks in Windows Vista. has been a popular place to go for news about Microsoft and Windows, and the author, Long Zheng found that it might be helpful to have a place where people can go to point out some of the quirks in Vista. Once that became a hit, people requested something similar for Mac OS X.

aero taskforce.png

It’s a great idea he had, and now there are two Taskforce sites available:

Mashable points out how these Taskforce sites could mean accidental success for Long Zheng. He reengineered his code once he added the Aqua Taskforce so that log-ins would work for both sites, and any other Taskforce sites in the future. Mashable says, “With this re-engineering he has created a backend to a system that will allow him to deploy any new taskforce site in literally minutes. So any company that would find something like this useful could be up and running wiht their own task-force site minutes after contacting Long“. It’s a simple idea, yet one that could turn out to be a huge success.

Now speaking of quirks, what are some other quirks that you have found in Windows, Mac OS X, or even Linux?