TaskixI’ve always been a big fan of the free application called Taskbar Shuffle (our review) because it lets you reorganize the items in your Windows Taskbar. It’s nothing too fancy, but you can rearrange items in your System Tray with the latest version. The application even comes in two flavors: one with an installer, and one that is "portable" for those of you who don’t like installing programs.

Today I noticed a new application that offers similar features to Taskbar Shuffle, but it’s only a fraction of the download size and uses almost no memory. It’s called Taskix and weighs in at a tiny 63KB. There’s no installation needed, and after you get it running it should take up about 600KB of your memory. For me Taskbar Shuffle typically uses around 3MB, so Taskix uses about 1/5th of that.

It doesn’t have a fancy interface or a System Tray icon though, but when you run it for the first time you can activate it and choose whether you want it to start with Windows. If you ever want to terminate the program just run the executable again and it will offer the option to shut it down.

All in all I like this better than Taskbar Shuffle just because I’m all about simplicity. If the same thing can be done more efficiently then I’m all for it…and it doesn’t get much more efficient than this.

Download Taskix
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