TDK Ships Blu-ray Discs

TDK has started to ship the coveted Blu-ray discs, but not at a reasonable price quite yet. If you want the writable 25GB discs then you are looking at $19.99 PER DISC and the rewritable discs are $24.99! Yes, you can get 50 normal 4.7GB DVD discs for the price of ONE Blu-ray disc, but that is always how they start out. Dual-layer DVDs were quite high in price when they were first released and they are also coming down.

The 50GB Blu-ray discs (dual-layer) will be shipped later this year and will cost a measly $47.99 for the writable and $59.99 for the rewritable. Cross your fingers for no coasters on these :D .

If you are getting excited that the discs are being released then let me burst your bubble a little…there have been no Blu-ray players shipped yet! So what good will having these discs be right now? Simple, for bragging right of course.

News Source: Engadget