Technorati Launches New Web Site Design

While taking a stroll over to Technorati today I noticed that it has received a nice upgrade with an easier to navigate homepage. They have put together a movie for those people who want a walk-through of what is new or you can read through their blog post about the upgrade. One of the coolest things that they have now is a Discover page (the link is located in the upper-left corner of the Technorati homepage). This allows you to see what some of the most popular news is around the Web in various different categories. This almost reminds me of the Popular page where you can see what everyone is talking about right now. I really like the new design and the Discover page is going to be really useful. The only thing that I wish they had on that page was the ability to subscribe to certain categories via RSS. That would make it even easier to find out about hot news. They do have that feature I was just a little blind (read the comments below). Oh yeah, and let’s not forget to wish Technorati a happy 3rd-year anniversary!