TransformersA Zero Tolerance policy means zero tolerance, and unfortunately for one 19 year old girl, that policy could land her in jail for a year. The story goes like this: Jhannet Sejas was out with her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday. They took a video camera along to record memories of their day at the mall, and then headed to the theater to see Transformers. According to Jhannet, she decided to record a small 20–second clip so that she could show it to her younger brother who wanted to see the movie. That resulted in a visit from the police who ultimately arrested her after Regal Cinemas decided to prosecute.

Should Jhannet be considered a “pirate” for her 20 second clip that she had no intention of distributing? She’ll be heading to trial sometime this month when a judge will have to determine if she is a pirater and deserves jail time for her 20 second movie clip.The fact that she brought a video camera into the movie theater and expected to go unnoticed wasn’t a smart-move on her part. However, if she really only recorded the movie for a few seconds and this is proven (her camera was seized), I think the judge will be kind enough to dismiss the charges and warn her that taking a video camera into the theater these days is not a good idea.

Source: Washington Post