TellmeTellme which was recently acquired by Microsoft, has released a new 411–like service for people on the go.  You can get information via voice, SMS, or even Mobile Web.

It was just last week when Google announced their Goog411 Service which so far has gotten great reviews. It’s interesting to me that this market is being pursued so heavily. Two new services within a two week time frame almost seems unnecessary to me. On the bright side, it means no more paid 411 services which up until this point have been pricey.

We’ve already reviewed Goog 411, and so here’s a quick explanation of Tellme. Tellme is more than just a business search. They include 8 different categories from which you can get information. Categories like business search, ring tones, stock quotes, a news center, sports, entertainment, travel, and popular shortcuts.

Tell me vs. Goog411

While Tellme offers a lot more information in a variety of categories, it also makes it a longer process to get the information that you want.  The other problem that I ran into is that they set a time limit.  To my surprise, in the middle of my phone call they said that I had exceeded my time limit and the call was disconnected at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Because they offer such an array of services, it’s not that difficult to reach the time limit.

If I were to use a service like this, I want the information as fast as possible.  I decided to perform a business search on both Goog411 and Tellme (1800–555–tell) to see which one gave me the information I needed the fastest.

The results? After searching for the Target Store in my area using Goog411, I had the phone number and address within 33 seconds. I did the same exact search with Tellme and it took 53 seconds to get the same information.

Sound quality is about the same with both services.  Goog411 is a male’s voice, and Tellme uses a female voice for the main options.  Both voices are clear and easy to understand, and most of the time it really doesn’t sound like the robotic computer voice talking.

Another nice feature with Goog411 is that they will actually connect you for free to the phone number you requested, something that Tellme doesn’t offer.

So, the bottom line: If you’re needing to do a business search, I’d stick with Goog411. If you need any other information like stock quotes or weather, Tellme will get you the information that you want, decently fast. It’s much more than directory assistance. Both services to the benefit of everyone, are free!