Terminal replacment

I spend quite a bit of time living in the terminal on my Mac, and so I was rightfully excited when I came across the free app called iTerm 2 that squashes some of the things I wanted the built-in app to offer. One of the things I really needed was a search feature to quickly find things from past commands I’ve run, and iTerm 2 does that very well.

Here is an overview of other features in iTerm 2:

  • Split Panes
    Divide a tab up into multiple panes, each one of which shows a different session. You can slice vertically and horizontally and create any number of panes in any imaginable arrangement.
  • Search
    iTerm2 comes with a robust find-on-page feature. The UI stays out of the way. All matches are immediately highlighted. Even regular expression support is offered!
  • Autocomplete
    Just type the start of any word that has ever appeared in your window and then Cmd-; will pop open a window with suggestions. The word you’re looking for is usually on top of the list!
  • Paste History
    Paste history lets you revisit recently copied or pasted text. You can even opt to have the history saved to disk so it will never be lost.
  • Instant Replay
    Instant replay lets you travel back in time. It’s like TiVo for your terminal!
  • Full Screen
    Work distraction-free with absolutely nothing on the screen but your terminal. The tab bar can be opened by holding down cmd.
  • Growl Support
  • Exposé Tabs
    Like OS X’s Exposé feature, iTerm2 shows all your tabs on one screen. Better yet, you can search through them all at once. Go ahead and open as many tabs as you want–you can always find what you’re looking for.

When you stack those features on top of all the configuration options it has this becomes a must-have app for any geek living in a terminal window.

iTerm 2 Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)