Test website performance

For many of us it is difficult to test a website from another country, but there are online tools that try to make this kind of thing more accessible to everyone. One service I tend to gravitate towards the most is the WebPageTest.org site we previously covered. If you are looking to troubleshoot network issues, however, that site may not provide the details you are looking for.

In those cases I recommend using WatchMouse, which will tell you the time it takes to resolve, connect, and download the given page from 10 global locations. You can also expand your tests to pinging and traceroutes from over 30 monitoring stations they have worldwide. When requesting the ping analysis it will actually provide results from all of the locations on one screen to make performance comparisons much easier.

The only downside to this free service is that they only let you do five website checks per day, but ping and traceroute tests are excluded from that limitation. I’m sure they are just trying to prevent people from abusing their free service, which is understandable.

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