Test html css javascript

Sometimes as a web developer you may get an idea in your head that you want to try out, but by the time you get the necessary files in place you may have forgotten what you were going to do. Tinkerbin serves as the perfect scratchpad for testing out those HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ideas by providing predefined areas where you can drop the various types of code. It then has a real-time preview along the right side where you can see how your changes are affecting the output without the need to refresh anything.

The really nice thing is that the site is very keyboard friendly. There are shortcuts to jump to each section, and also shortcuts to flip over to the different tabs. They intelligently put those tabs along top so that you can make full use of the vertical space to focus on just one of the different code types.

You can also see in the screenshot above the nice indentation and syntax highlighting, which was all done by the site to help keep things a little more organized. Plus in the case of the HTML Tinkerbin will even highlight tags that aren’t matched.

One thing I think it would be cool for them to add is a simple checkbox to include popular JavaScript libraries such as JQuery or MooTools.

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