Test site performance

Curious what the performance is like on your site? We previously covered an in-depth website testing tool, but today we’ve got one that provides less detail but has a much nicer layout. Stella won’t break down the performance of all the different elements on your site, and instead checks on the response time, latency, and download time for any site you wish. It is a simple online tool where you just enter in the URL and it will go to work downloading the content.

The data Stella provides is pretty straightforward, but the downside is that they only provide the performance of the primary HTML without any supporting content (no JavaScript files, CSS, or images). In reality this is geared towards checking how fast your server is responding to requests, which can then be used in troubleshooting whether there is a network bottleneck somewhere along the way.

Here’s a breakdown of the different performance data Stella provides:

  • [rt] – Response Time is the full amount of time it took to send a request and receive a response. The sum of network latency, app latency, and download time.
  • [net] – Network Latency is the amount of time it took to open a connect to the server being tested.
  • [app] – Application Latency is the amount of time it took for the server to send 1 byte of data after the connection was created (aka “first byte”).
  • [d/l] – Download Time is the amount of time it took to receive all remaining data from the server (aka “last byte”).

Aside from the response times and latency Stella also hows the site’s headers, the content that was downloaded, DNS, and WHOIS records for the domain.

If you find yourself using this service a lot you’ll probably want to grab their bookmarklet that is available so you can check sites on-demand as you’re viewing them.

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