As a recent college graduate I look back now astonished at how many thousands of dollars I spent buying books over the four-years I was at school. It didn’t matter if the books were new or used, either way you had to fork out an arm and a leg for materials that hardly even got used.

One site is looking to get around that by utilizing the BitTorrent network as a means to share downloads of thousands of textbooks. The site, called Textbook Torrents, requires that you register for free before gaining access to their vast database containing torrents to nearly 6,000 textbooks. After that you can browse, search, and download the textbook torrents as you please.

textbook torrents.jpg

I was actually surprised to find that several of the textbooks that I used in college, including solution manuals, were available for download. As you can imagine none of this is legal, but that won’t stop people from using the service… especially those struggling college students wondering how they’re going to make ends meet.

P.S. As you might have noticed from the URL above the site is currently only accessible via the IP address, but the domain should be up and working soon.

Textbook Torrents [via TorrentFreak]