Lifehacker’s Adam Pash just released the 6th installment of Texter, which can shave an insane amount of time off of repetitive tasks. Texter is used to make text replacements as you type. For example, you can have the “hotstring” mysig be replaced with a customized text signature each time it is typed.

Simple text replacements like the one I just mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg though. There are many advanced operations that you can perform, such as pre-formatting items on the clipboard and then inserting them somewhere. You can also simulate keystrokes like Control, Alt, and Tab. When you combine all of this stuff together you can create some pretty complex macros and text snippets.

Here are some of the new features in Texter 0.6:

  • Instant Replacements: If you don’t like the Space, Tab, or Enter triggers, but would prefer instead that your hotstring executes as soon as you finish typing text, try out Texter’s new “Instant” option.
  • Hotstring Renaming: You can now rename any current hotstring through the Texter Management by right-clicking it and defining a new one.
  • Universal Autocorrect: If you like Microsoft Word’s automatic inline autocorrect try enabling Universal Spelling AutoCorrect in the Preferences.
  • Scripting Shortcuts: If you’re big into using Texter to perform a little automated scripting, Texter now includes a simple keyboard shortcut that makes scripting tons easier: the Insert key. For example, if you want Texter to send an Enter keystroke, just hit Insert+Enter, which will automatically insert {Enter}. If you’re not familiar with scripts in Texter, these instructions (and this video) will help.

This thing would be a real goldmine for me if it supported HTML insertion into Rich Text Fields, like the one in Gmail or when writing a post in WordPress. If you need that feature checkout PhraseExpress (our review).

Download Texter (there is a portable no-install version available)