thank you multiple languages CyberNet News is what it is because of people like you who work to make it better. Sure, we write the articles and dig up the information, but it’s the readers and comments that add the most value to our site.  We’ve never taken the opportunity to formally thank all of the people that make CyberNet what it is, so a big “Thanks” is long overdue. Today, we’re saying thank you… and we mean it! More specifically, a thank you goes out to…


First, a big thanks to all of you who read what we write and come back day after day! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you. You are supporting us in one of the biggest ways possible, and without you, we’d have no reason to write.


All of you that comment, you’re the ones that help build a community here and we thank you! You provide valuable insight, but also point out aspects of a topic we may have left out, or even point out when we make a mistake. CyberNet commenters are awesome and have contributed over 20,000 comments!


What can I say about our All-Stars? They’re amazing. Our All-Stars frequently contribute to the site with comments and by submitting tips to the editors. The top five active All-Stars alone have accumulated over 2100 stars through contributing to the site. To each of our All-Stars, thank you for all of the time you’ve put in to making CyberNet a community.


Tipsters are those of you who send us tips and provide us with content to write about. We receive many tips each day about breaking news, interesting news, or just something cool worth taking a look at. We apologize if we don’t respond to all of them or write about all of them, but each tip is looked at and appreciated – more than you know!

Social Site Submitters

It’s truly amazing how some of the social sites out there can send us thousands of visitors and new dedicated readers. To those of you who submit the content you find interesting to sites like StumbleUpon or Digg – thank you! You may not realize that by submitting articles, you’re contributing in a big way, but you are! In a way, you’re essentially thanking us for the work we’ve done.

StumbleUpon, Lifehacker, Slashdot

Between StumbleUpon, Lifehacker, and Slashdot, we receive thousands and thousands of visitors every month. In the blogosphere, every single visitor counts — and so to every site who sends readers our way, thank you!

Forum Contributors

Those who contribute in the forum must be thanked as well! You all make it a fun place to hang out, get tech advice, and talk about non-technology related topics. And for those of you who report spam in the forum – thanks! We try to keep it as spam-free as possible, and you help us keep it that way.

So I guess the overall thing we’re trying to get across here to all of you is, well, as Elvis would say… Thank you, thank you very much!