File Renamer

It had just occurred to me that I had never written about one of my favorite free file renamer applications for Windows. It’s called ReNamer, and I’ll warn you that it’s not a program for the weak at heart. It’s loaded with powerful features, and that’s one of the reasons I love it!

ReNamer lets you add a series of rules that it will follow for renaming files in bulk. I use this on a regular basis for renaming photos so that all of the file names don’t look like the generic DSC0000018.JPG or IMG0002388.JPG. With ReNamer I can sequentially rename the photos so that they all actually have a descriptive name.

This is the most powerful free file renamer that I’ve come across, and I’m sure you can find ways to rename just about anything using the different types of rules that are available:

File Renamer Rules

I had thought about putting together a guide on how to use the software, but I was already beaten to it. There is a Quick Start Guide (2 pages) and a Beginner’s Guide (27 pages) available in PDF format on the file ReNamer download page. The Beginner’s Guide covers just about everything you would want to know, and it has a bunch of screenshots to walk you through the all the steps.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of ReNamer’s best features. You can download it with an installer or as a standalone 2.3MB program. I’ve thrown this on my USB drive, and carry it around with me wherever I go!

Download File ReNamer

Windows Tip: You can sequentially rename files in Windows Explorer by highlighting the respect files and pressing the F2 key. While this is convenient it doesn’t offer any sort of customizability.