If you haven’t heard, Jeremy Wright is selling a blog but hasn’t revealed which blog it is. It will be revealed today at Ensight around 1PM EST but in the meantime Blogaholics has put together a list of hints that he has given:

  • it’s a “defining blog”
  • it has only one author
  • it’s in the top 100 blogs by all measures but Technorati
  • therefore, it’s in the top 100 blogs listed by Feedster
  • it likely isn’t a gadget blog
  • it’s quoted in newspapers weekly
  • it has won many awards
  • it has a PageRank of 7
  • it has 150,000 indexed pages on Yahoo/MSN and 60,000 on Google
  • it makes 2,000$/month (somewhat on the low side of average for a top 100)
  • it’s in need of a new design and someone who knows ads
  • it gets 1 million pageviews per month
  • the writer is somewhat intimate with Jeremy to be brokering this deal
  • Jeremy also drops some examples of blogs of the right type like Problogger or Scobelizer, probably dropping them out of possibilities, which Scoble confirms in comments below
  • and that it has the “Potential to anchor a network of blogs or sites”
  • and gives away in comments below that it is not Waxy.org

To see what blogs people are guessing visit Blogaholics.

UPDATE: The blog being sold was announced: The Blog Herald.