CyberNet Forum It has been a week since the CyberNet Forum was launched and I have had a lot of fun with it. Many great topics have found a home on our forum and they are all started by a variety of our 42 members. As of right now there are 274 posts that are spread out over 28 different topics…which means each topic is averaging 10 posts.

Some of the topics cover things like what Firefox extensions do you use, the ultimate list of freeware, and even responses to homepages that people have for their browser. These are all useful and at the same time it gives people a chance to discuss their opinions. I think everyone who has registered is very knowledgeable about technology because if a question is asked there will be someone who jumps in to try and answer it.

I have even found myself spending a lot of time over in the forum trying to help people and share my own opinions. The number of emails that I receive on a daily basis has even dropped slightly because of the forum being a place for people to get my response along with several others. I love the new forum and hope everyone thinks it compliments the blog well.

Over in the forum I have made a post to “commemorate” this one-week marker and have provided a few tips. Believe it or not I never really participated in forums before so this was a whole new experience to me. I find it to be commenting on steroids but some things don’t work like HTML, such as inserting a URL. So I walk you through how to do things like that and how to change a few settings. Hope to see everyone over in the forum!