CyberNet Forum Yay! We have now opened up the CyberNet Forum! I have written a post on the forum that explains the purpose and a little bit about how it works. 

I strongly considered integrating the user registrations from this blog into the forum so that you wouldn’t have to register again. After careful consideration and talking with a few people we determined that users should have the choice whether they want to be a member of the forum. So if your registered here you will have to register in the forum as well. Actually, you don’t have to register in order to reply to posts that are already created but by registering you will get rid of all the advertisements on the page.

Hopefully there will be some great conversations started in the new forum. To make it easier to keep up on the latest news I have added two more modules to the sidebar of the blog that will show the last 10 posts and last 10 topics from the forum.

I’ll be returning to my typical posting schedule tomorrow but I have been working on getting the forum setup all day today. In a few hours I will be heading off to Best Buy to wait in line for several hours to get a 22″ monitor for $200 (normally $500). Wish me luck…and I hope to see you in the forum!