A big thanks to everybody who entered in the CyberNet Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Professional Giveaway. There were over 300 entries!

The magic number was… 3,420!


So, how did we come up with such a number? Well, we started with three important numbers before placing them into an equation. The important numbers that we started with were:

  1. 2007 – The year these products were released.
  2. 1985 – The year that Windows 1.0 was released according to Wikipedia.
  3. 26 – The number of different versions of Windows according to Wikipedia.

Some of these numbers could probably be arguable, but this is what we used. Next, we came up with an equation of…

(2007+1985) – [(2007-1985) * 26] = 3,420

Didn’t I tell you not to waste your time trying to figure it out? :)

The Winners are….


  • In first place was entry #280 – ATMB with a number of 3,414.
  • In Second place was entry #15 – RKN with a number of 3,456

We have already sent out an email on Friday to the first place winner asking what their choice would be with no response.  (Note to ATMB, first place winner: if you have not received our email, check your spam folder or send us a message.)

In the event that we do not hear from the first place winner to claim their prize by Wednesday at 12:00 PM central time, the second place winner will be named as the 1st place winner, and a new runner-up will be chosen.

Again, thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to the winners!