Joost invites have been a hot commodity lately, but the problem until recently was that in order to get an invite, someone with an account had to send you one of their limited invites. We’ve given away all of our invites, and several readers offered their invites up as well. Joost switched from limited invites to unlimited which made it easier, but now there’s an even easier way of getting a Joost invite.

GigaOM  has teamed up with Joost, and now there’s a page set up that anyone can go to. You just enter in your name and email address, and you’ll receive an invite (click here to get your invite). It really can’t get any easier.

Joost went live on May 1st, but it wasn’t smooth sailing as they expected it would be. On the Joost blog, they had a post titled “A little red-faced” and they went on to explain that the demand was high, which is great, but their system was struggling with it. Perhaps they should have extended the private beta longer before jumping the gun?

One of the biggest complaints so far besides the problems experienced with the public launch is the lack of content. Joost continues to add more, and hopefully they’ll get to a point where the quality of the content and the selection are top-notch. Recently two more partnerships were created which will add additional channels to the list.

On Monday, Joost and video site Heavy announced a partnership. Heavy is popular with the younger male crowd, and the programming includes Heavy Animation, Heavy Comedy and Heavy Gurls. Along with Heavy, Warner Brothers just joined Joost as well. The list keeps getting longer, and it can only mean better content and selection for users.

Sources: WebWire, CNET News (Thanks for the tip Cory!)