Sorry Gotta Go It happens to most people at some time or another when we just feel like saying “Sorry, I gotta go.” The problem is we never know a good excuse to get off of the phone. Maybe a few sound effects and recordings from will help you hang up the phone.

This site has been around for a little while but it posts new sounds every now and then. My favorite section is the one for telemarketers and the best recording, hands down, is the “How are you?” I don’t have a landline phone so I don’t receive many telemarketer calls but the next time I do I’ll be ready and armed. Actually, that one would be funny to play for anyone who asks how you are doing. :D

Almost all of the files are MP3’s but there are a few WAV files in the mix. Just pull up your favorite media player and start having some fun. I’m sure your co-workers will get a real kick out of them. ;)