One of the nice features that Mozilla put in Firefox 2 was the ability to close the browser and reopen it later on while restoring all of your tabs. This Session Restore feature is extremely handy, but Mozilla could have added a few more simple features to make it a little more powerful.

One of the things that I’ve mentioned before regarding the Session Restore is the absence of a Restart option in the File menu. This should have been really easy to implement considering that the ability to restart Firefox, while preserving open tabs and windows, is available after installing an extension. There is even a nice Firefox extension called Restarter that adds this much needed feature.

The next thing that I would like to see is an option to choose whether Firefox should save the session or not. In the Options -> General there is a setting to restore all open tabs each time Firefox starts up, but every now and then I prefer to start with a clean slate. So there should be an option that I can enable which will popup with a box asking whether I want to save the session or not. The closest extension that I could find for doing this is Session Fix, which prompts you to save the session when closing Firefox:

Firefox Extension Session Restore

I would prefer to see a prompt when starting the browser like in Opera, but hey, this is pretty close. :)

Opera Session Restore

Are you using any other extensions that make the Session Restore feature in Firefox better?