One of the things that I was pretty disappointed with at CES this year was Microsoft’s “future” segment. It’s where they often give us a glimpse of what to expect 10 or 15 years from now, and when watching it I normally find myself giggling like a little kid in a candy store. This year they really didn’t put much thought into it.

In the comments yesterday Bill pointed out a video that is brought to you by the same people that created the “what’s it like to work at Microsoft” video, who happen to be Microsoft employees themselves. The video I’m about to show you is more like what I expected to see come out of Gates’ CES presentation this year. It focuses on how everything will be seamlessly integrated in the future, and really sparked some excitement in the technology side of my brain (which occupies 95% of my brain).

Watch the three-minute video and let me know what you think: