Google Click-To-Call

Google has finally admitted that the Click-To-Call cancelation post yesterday was done by a hacker. Well, they actually don’t refer to the person as a hacker and instead call them an “unauthorized user.” That does sound much nicer but the truth of the matter is that they were hacked.

Just looking through the post that the person wrote made me hope that they were hacked. There were spelling and grammatical errors in it that any spell checker would have caught. If a Google employee would have actually written that then it could have made me question their intelligence. :)

The funniest part about the whole situation is that the previous post was all about how seriously Google looks at security. In that post they go on to say “Google takes security very seriously and designs all of its services and applications to protect your privacy and data security.” I guess Google should also focus on their own security ;) . Nah, many systems have flaws and it is just a matter of having them exposed. It was just ironic the timing the hacker had.

Thanks for the tip Curtiss! If you missed the post for the few minutes it was up make sure to check out the screenshot that Curtiss took.