The HotFix Claims To Have Leaked Windows Live Messenger

If you want a leaked version of the “final” Windows Live Messenger then The Hotfix claims they have it. Sounds great huh? However, they force you to pay $1.39 in order to get access to their downloads. Technically I don’t believe that is legal for them to charge for Windows Live Messenger. Then again I guess they aren’t charging for the software specifically but instead you are paying for access to their downloads forum.

Here is what they have to say about the release:

The final build of Windows Live Messenger has leaked today and The Hotfix has it! The forums have more information on where you’ll be able to obtain it within the next 12 hours. From what we understand, it does indeed have Yahoo IM integration included. The final build is supposedly going to be released to the public on June 16th.

Well, I am sure torrents will be on the web in the next few days. Those people that are too impatient will probably fork out the $1.39, which only gives you access to the forums for ONE week! The final Windows Live Messenger should be released on June 16th so I would recommend you just hold out.

News Source: The HotFix