It’s been over three years since Google opened their doors to their web-based email service called Gmail, which at the time shattered all existing storage limitations. To make Gmail a worldwide service Google has people translate phrases into their native language. Instead of spending money on professional translators they just enlist the help of common users who are fluent in multiple languages. One of those translators shot some information over to Googling Google yesterday implying that a new version of Gmail is just around the corner.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the relevant phrases that may hint at some of the upcoming features:

Gmail 2.0 Features

  1. This phrase obviously means a new version is coming up, and the “translation help” implies that it is currently in the hands of trusted testers.
  2. This would be used for the Google Gears service.
  3. This would also be used for the Google Gears service…offline Gmail access (without additional software like Thunderbird) has got to be coming!
  4. It appears as though this is some sort of account activity logging. It shows real-time activity (currently logged in users and their IP) as well as past activity that has occurred.

So keep your eyes peeled…good stuff has got to be coming our way! I just hope it is sooner rather than later. :)

Thanks for the tip “Sure”